terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2010

America Latina e Caribe, Super Potencias da Biodiversidade, direto de Nagoya

TEEB4ME and a Biodiversity Super Power

The Global Canopy Programme is happy to see thrive at CBD’s COP10 two UN initiatives that we supported throughout the year and that contain breakthrough information for valuing forest ecosystem services: TEEB – The Economics of Ecosystem Service and Biodiversity and 'Latin America and Caribbean: A Biodiversity Superpower' . The former has achieved its climax in Nagoya by launching the final TEEB Synthesis Report. TEEB’s next steps are to help countries measure their natural capital and communicate to the general public the importance of accounting for nature’s value. The inclusion of natural capital in national governmental accounting is gaining acceptance here. GCP was invited to present its ’Understanding REDD’ animation as a case study on how to communicate the value of nature and the REDD mechanism successfully at TEEB’s side event (picture above).

The new UNDP Policy Brief ‘Latin American and Caribbean: A biodiversity superpower’ promises to boost innovative thinking on how the region can use its natural capital as a comparative advantage to trigger much needed economic growth and social development. The initiative aims to make a case to policy and decision makers on the need to incorporate biodiversity and ecosystem services into national strategies, highlighting its role in development and equity. A main product of this Initiative is a report presenting concrete financial and economic benefits and costs to countries from sustainable ecosystem management.

The UNDP initiative will be launched this Wednesday (27th Oct.) in Nagoya, at 17:15, Room 211A. Ministers from Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Suriname will comment on the potential of its findings for the region, and Andrew Mitchell together with Pavan Suhkdev – leader author of TEEB- will be the respondents.

Relato do Andrew Mitchel, do Global Canopy Program